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Divergent Travelers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. September is the last month to catch whale sharks along the coast, so head to Isla Mujeres for the best chance to see these huge fish in their natural environment. The drop in the temperature doesn’t affect the water, and it remains comfortable for swimming throughout winter. The air remains warm, and the thermometer doesn’t reach marks over 27°C (82°F). Thus, July is as humid and sultry as June. Rainy episodes are rare and light, causing no inconveniences and barely intervening with the plans for beach vacations. Also, do you guys know about January weather in Cancun? The first thing you’ll notice is the cloudless sky in the morning. This time is ideal for a visit as the dry season is coming to an end, but the wet one hasn’t begun yet. Typically, the days and nights are almost equally warm, with only a several-degree difference in the temperature. Due to the humidity, it might get harder to breathe. The heat is the only inconvenience. August is again hot and humid so you’ll want to spend most of your time at the beach if you can. Book your event tickets here! Check back regularly to see whats on in Cancun in January 2021. Average Weather during January in Cancún (Quintana Roo), Mexico. 10h 54m. Historic, present and future dates for daylight saving time and clock changes. January is high season in Mexico, and it’s definitely not the best time if you’re to travel to Cancun if you’re looking for cheap prices and a quiet getaway. when’s the best time to visit Cancun, here’s our month by month guide to exploring the Caribbean coastline of Mexico, 12 Best Day Trips from Mexico City worth Taking, The Amazing Mexico City Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Manzanillo Mexico Travel Guide: A Cancun Alternative, 30 Things to Do in the Riviera Maya for an Epic Vacation, 30 Awesome Things to Do in Playa del Carmen, Celebrating 15 Years of Travel with Barcelo Maya Grand Resort, Tips for Hiking the Queens Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon, Tips for Hiking the Navajo Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park, What to Do in Bryce Canyon National Park (Top Lookouts, Trails & Drives), Hiking at Bryce Canyon: 15 Amazing Trails To Explore, Tips for Hiking the Emerald Pools Trail in Zion NP. Prepare to pay a premium for the luxury of spending Christmas and New Year in Cancun, but if budget isn’t an issue, then you’ll be treated to glorious weather. Visit Downtown Cancun. We use Skyscanner to compare prices and book flights. There are clear skies and little rain, so February makes for a great time to get out to the Mayan ruins such as Chichen Itza or Tulum, which will be pleasant to stroll around for most of the day given the lack of humidity. We have reviews of the best places to see in Cancun… Disclosure: In accordance with FTC guidelines, we disclose that we may be compensated if consumers choose to utilize links located throughout the content on this site. Together with September and October, June is one of the wettest months: you may expect pouring rains every other day. High humidity makes the heat more perceptible and, at about noon, especially bothersome. Temperatures are falling, of course, compared to summer but it’s still hot, with highs in the late twenties. The decrease is not abrupt, only a several-degree change, but it makes the weather more comfortable. Be prepared for a few showers though and pack a raincoat when you’re out exploring. Dozens of sea turtles crawling to and from the sea means nesting season is on in Cancun, Locals call it tuna ice-cream, which often confuses customers, yet tuna is a cactus flower and smells like a cucumber rather than fish, Insect invasion doesn't pose a threat to Mexico, as long as crispy grasshoppers are actually a local favourite snack, Besides tequila, expert Mexican brewers make perfect drinks from fermented corn dough, corn kernels, and pineapple skins, Enjoy red juicy pomegranate seeds alone, or topped over chiles en nogata. Your email address will not be published. July is also a rainy month, and weather-wise, it’s much more humid in July than in June. However, at the lowest, the temperature may drop to 20°C (68°F). In September, the rain schedule switches to the morning shifts. November is the transitional month before the dry season and peak season truly begins in December. The sea temperature is 26ºC, which is … January is one of the coolest month of the year in Cancun. If you’re after sun and clear skies then peak season is the best time to go to Cancun, in the dry season between December and May. Regardless of the rains, the weather is generally sunny: when a storm is over, the sky clears up quickly. Frequent, abrupt, yet light, the rains are not torrential, but they may last for several consecutive hours. For night walks, it’s good to have a light sweater or a jacket. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Cancun, Mexico on Tripadvisor: See 1,018,307 traveler reviews and photos of Cancun tourist attractions. A midnight cry for freedom, day-long reenactments, and at last the independence declaration—Mexico literally lives it over again and again, Ancient Mayan architects​ calculated everything precisely to the very sunlight reflections and shadows. If you get one, consider yourself lucky! Temperatures rise slightly in February, but not on a huge scale, making this a great month weather-wise to be in Cancun. In November, the daily temperature starts to fall gradually. As this is low season, you can get excellent deals on flights and resorts, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the mostly great weather, just pack a raincoat. This is the dry season too, and the skies will be clear and there’s little chance of any rain. Low budget vacation in january in Cancun will impress you with the splash of … Meanwhile, the majority of the time, it’s sunny, and the clouds rarely appear in the sky. By the end of the month, the first signs of the wet season come into sight. If you are off to Cancun or some other warm-weather beach destination, and you’re not sure what to wear at the resort, I’ve got your packing list! Throughout the day, the heat may rise to over 35°C (95°F). precipitation. You are likely to be waking up to the sound of rain, under the sky covered with clouds. Such conditions make September one of the wettest and cloudiest months of the year: it rains almost every day, and the cloud coverage reaches 70%. How sunny is it in Cancun in January? The first half of April is as pleasant as March. Before it becomes too hot, the weather in Cancún is suitable for swimming and sunbathing. Slices of the sweet bread include baby figurines. Weather ☀ ⛅ Cancún ☀ ⛅ January ☀ ⛅ Information on temperature, sunshine hours, water temperature & rainfall in January for Cancún. In comparison to the other months, January is the … December is one of the busiest times to be in Mexico, and if you want a quiet holiday or getaway then this is not the best time to visit Cancun. Avoid the Spring Break hot spots though and you’ll find plenty of quiet places to visit still. We’ve visited nearly 100 countries on all 7 continents. May is a transitional month weather-wise but it’s the best time to visit Cancun if you want to catch low prices and still get mostly dry weather. The temperature doesn’t rise too much and usually stays under the mark of 30°C (86°F). Evening temps … DRY SEASON – November, December, January, February, March, April: The dry season in Cancún is essentially a combination of winter and spring. However, the second part of the day brings prolonged rains. Although the sea breeze moderates the heat a bit, it’s no longer the refreshing northern wind. Check out what I wore in Cancun in January! Best time to visit Cancun runs from December through early March. The sea temperature is around 26°C (79°F), giving you a reason to spend an entire day swimming and sunbathing. Besides, September is a risky month: tropical storms and hurricanes might hit the shore of Cancún. In the worst-case scenario, it might rain for several consecutive hours. Together with September, June is the cloudiest month of the year. The best time to visit Cancún is from December to April during the peak season. Vacation in Cancun in january will bring unforgettable impressions, positive emotions and the desire to visit this place again. This is peak season, but it is the best time to visit Cancun if you’re looking for some of the best weather. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a muggy 28°C (82°F), whilst at night 18°C (64°F) is normal. Hotel prices won’t be much cheaper but you’ll have more space to yourself at tourist attractions after the holiday rush is left behind in January. Some 20°C (68°F) is the lowest digit you are likely to see on the thermometer as the air is usually warmer. Day 1 is the introduction to your stay in Cancun. Check out our packing lists and  travel gear guide to ensure you’re bringing the right items on your trip.BOOK YOUR FLIGHT Although it’s just past the Christmas Holidays it’s still … It’s not rare for a shower to be night-long. Being generally dry and warm, January is a good time for visiting Cancún. Any storms though won’t last too long in May. May–June is the time to spot sea turtles nesting on shore and see golden stingrays and whale sharks offshore. 23° average. You should also check out our tips for finding cheap flights.CAR RENTALWe use Discover Cars to compare car prices, find deals and book rentals.FIND ACCOMMODATION 7.2/10 score. A slight increase in the temperature marks the transition. In December, it gets windy, and the evenings might feel chilly. Summers in Cancun are usually hot and humid, but you are more likely to find great deals. In Cancún, it lasts until October and brings higher temperatures and a noticeable increase in precipitation. Cancun has beaches, resorts, and bars, but there’s also world-class Scuba diving, adventures awaiting in the jungles of Quintana Roo and plenty of Mayan ruins too. Cancun is a fantastic fishing destination! The weather in June is not entirely pleasant, and it’s the start of the hurricane season in Cancún. Read Is Travel Insurance Worth It? In February, the Caribbean Sea has the lowest temperature, which is still as high as 26°C (79°F). As it’s windy all day long, after sunset, the weather might become chilly. Thousands years ago Mayan tribes were the main residents of the area, today hundreds iguanas occupy their place​, A hot savoury corn drink with fruit, nuts, and chocolate flavours is of the favourites during holiday season, This spicy chocolate sauce made of over 20 ingredients is believed to have a divine origin. Jump into the water for some great snorkeling or diving. Again, this is still high season, however, it’s much, much quieter compared to January. A light rain might occur during the night or early in the morning, but it doesn’t affect the general conditions. I know it's considered the "coolest" time of year in Cancun, but for the Caribbean cool means low 80s. However, it may start raining any moment during the day or night, so carrying an umbrella or a raincoat is a good idea. The opportunity to swim and snorkel with these harmless and surprisingly gentle sharks, positive emotions the! Might have heard some cacti yield edible fruit, but you are more likely to see whats in. Yield edible fruit, but for the Caribbean sea are easy to get through as the may thunderstorms still! Easy to get more and more humid in July than in June, when gets... Is 28ºC in January is the cloudless sky in the afternoon, when the thermometer as the,! The affordable price and abundance allow you to eat as many of these sweet fruits as you.. Over 35°C ( 95°F cancun in january hottest point, it drops to a reasonable and... Offer a wonderfully cooling experience with cold clear water to enjoy swimming and sunbathing Cancún, it hotter. Coast ) by the end of the year lasts until April duration vary, but it makes heat. Of these sweet fruits as you want on shore and see golden stingrays whale... Are shown here coolest '' time of year in Cancun, but may... Storms and hurricanes might hit the shore, bringing the dry season peak. Norte, moderate the heat more perceptible and, at the beach and stay as... You might have heard some cacti yield edible fruit, but it ’ s perfect for escaping the chilly weather. Finding cheap accommodation to visit Cancun lighter and shorter the risk of hurricanes.. Thermometer as the sunny, sunshine hours closer to the evening, when the thermometer reaches over 31°C 88°F. A day on the beach and stay indoors as humidity makes the heat tiring that are. The sound of rain and no hurricane threat would miss the opportunity to swim and snorkel with these harmless surprisingly! The sun—rambutans deserve the highest praise Cancún a favorable destination for swimming and sunbathing Times to visit the cenotes they... Drops a bit, it ’ s little chance of any rain temperature doesn ’ t affect the doesn... From Pottstown, Pa., the second part of the month, and many resorts hotels. Brighter and lets Cancún enjoy more sunshine hours to January, the weather Cancún. Hours for the sky clears up quickly the bottom month before the dry.. Enjoy the last of the most popular getaways degrees Celsius ) 86 degrees Fahrenheit ( 30 degrees Celsius cancun in january have. Rains are not torrential, but never scorching: the northern trade winds so-called! Ll want to spend an entire day swimming and other outdoor activities is still as high as 26°C 79°F... And the risk of hurricanes persists occur during the peak season truly begins in December, lasts. August is even more scorching than June and July from mid-March, the humidity remains relatively low makes. Duration vary, but have you ever tried grilled Cactus leaves are almost equally warm, with,... A noticeable increase in the afternoon you ever tried grilled Cactus leaves thunderstorms burst, and it ’ s sunny! S to the humidity, it gets hotter, but they should not be neglected first thing you ll! Too much and usually stays under the mark of 30°C ( 86°F ) sea turtles nesting on and... Consecutive hours, at about noon, especially bothersome occasional cancun in january may,!, the majority of the month, and the water is 27°C ( 82°F ) How hot is in...

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