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It's a strange system. By calling it canon we have to recognize that the story of Talion is as important to the overarching story that crosses the breadth of Arda, placing it in the same vein as The Children of Hurin and the struggles of Frodo Nine-fingered and Samwise the Brave. actually, it's canon, approved by Middle Earth Enterprises themselves. So, in spirit of Professor Tolkien's wishes, you could call Shadow of Mordor arguably canon insofar as it is a retelling and expansion of the world of Arda. Talion Shouldn’t Exist in the Tolkien Universe. However, rather than the Black Hand, Talion finds the Tower of Sauron waiting for him. Talion reasons that protecting Minas Ithil will also protect the Palantir and he meets up with the city's defenders: General Castamir, his daughter Idril, and his lieutenant Baranor. With Celebrimbor trapped with Sauron, Eltariel gone, and Mordor once again thrown back into total darkness, Talion sits at the helm of Minas Morgul, at war with himself, determined to finish what he started. Even with his impending fall, Talion bravely fought Sauron and his forces for many decades, holding Sauron's forces in Mordor and refusing to allow him to march over Middle-earth, using what little freedom he had left to buy time for the forces of Middle-earth to prepare for the coming of Sauron. so I'm not looking forward to them being split up after act 3. Talion in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor The more complicated answer would be, no. The simple answer would be, no. As a result, Talion walks in two worlds and has gameplay abilities to match. He goes with the others to hunt Frodo and the One Ring and pursues Frodo from the Shire to Bree. Talion dies with the rest of the Nazgûl, killed when his fellbeast is struck by debris from the final eruption of Mount Doom following the One Ring's destruction and his spirit is freed. Well, Minas Morgul was created like what, thousands of years before the timeline in the game.. Eh, it's a fanfic. Bridging the gap After the death of his family and subsequently revived by Celebrimbor, Talion became stricken with grief and set out to kill those responsible for his wife and son's deaths. Together, they sabotage Orcish efforts to break into the city until Castamir betrays them, allowing the Orcs to breach the gates and handing over the Palantir to the Witch-king of Angmar in return for sparing Idril. [\spoiler]. Talion is a rather humble individual and as the captain of the Black Gate was respected by the men under his command. Helping Hirgon, a former soldier from the Black Gate, destroy the statue of Sauron at an Uruk stronghold, the Hammer of Sauron comes and (seemingly) kills War Chief Ratbag (for being the only surviving War Chief). Celebrimbor, however, is captured by the spider Shelob, and she forces Talion to give her the ring so that he can save Celebrimbor. Celebrimbor then betrays Talion and leaves him, effectively killing him. d. some time in between TA 2941 and 2999 (First death, resurrected by Celebrimbor)d. March 25, 3019 (Last death). Talion Is Actually Canon To Main Storyline? It was a principle of justice conceived in terms of arithmetical equality and was adopted as a law of jurisprudence in the Old Testament. Also Known As Gondor Later, Marwen advises them to use Celebrimbor's powers to take control of an army of orcs and other beasts, using them to lead an assault against Sauron. Men of Gondor (Rangers) As a result, Sauron and Celebrimbor remain trapped in Sauron's tower in the form of a flaming eye as their spirits continue to battle for dominance. Even after being possessed by Celebrimbor, Talion's kindness and humble attitude still remained, and he often verbally sparred with Celebrimbor about protecting humanity. While these spirits aren’t supposed to be able to influence history the way Celebrimbor influences Talion’s life (MR, 223), it’s not out of the question for Celebrimbor’s spirit to stay in Middle-earth after his death. Decades later, Talion eventually succumbs to the corruption of Isildur's ring and joins Sauron's forces as a Nazgûl, replacing Isildur. 14 comments. Dredging up Middle-earth history to this extent shows how far Monolith is … ... of canon, so basically, wherever you want him to be in LotR is where he is. Eventually, this came to a head when Talion opted to free Isildur, instead of enslaving him. He killed a nobleman in defense of his wife, and instead of being executed was appointed to the Black Gate as a punishment by a sympathetic judge. I wish talion did something that contributed to lotr. © Valve Corporation. Celebrimbor lashes out angrily that Isildur would have been a valuable asset to their cause, leading Talion to realize that Celebrimbor's desire for revenge and thirst for power has corroded all reason, and Talion fiercely states "I will not trade in one dark lord for another." He is non-canonical as he does not originate from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Monolith Productions is going to great lengths to create a story for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that remains true to its source material — the fantasy works of British author J.R.R. Talion to Celebrimbor. During this time, he assists Idril and Baranor rescue Gondorian survivors, helps the forest spirit Carnán defeat the Balrog Tar Goroth, helps Ratbag defeat a traitor, and hunts the Nazgûl alongside Eltariel. Talion refuses to follow Celebrimbor's orders any more, causing the wraith to abandon him, giving the ring to Eltariel, and possessing her instead. Thank god. He then uses the power of Isildur's Ring to assault and seize Minas Morgul, defeating the Witch-king in the process. She uses prophetic powers to guide Talion and Celebrimbor to another of Celebrimbor's relics. The Black Hand quickly incapacitates him with a spell that also restores the last of Celebrimbor's memories. SZC/Middle-earth Ent hold licensing rights for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, nothing else. After the death of his family and subsequently revived by Celebrimbor, Talion became stricken with remorse for being unable to save his wife and son and set out to kill those responsible. Most men weren't close to 6'6 but a lot of them are around Talion's height ingame, I don't know why the devs would suddenly scale them down and confirm Talion being a giant. At some point after marrying Ioreth and fathering a son, Dirhael, he joined the Rangers of Gondor, quickly rising through the ranks to become captain. ... Just knowing that I'm playing as someone who just becomes one of the nine and ends up being a decrepit to the non Canon story is a little depressing. Afterward, he meets Lithariel, the daughter of Queen Marwen, who claims to be able to assist Celebrimbor with his mission. Tolkien wrote, outlined, or ever considered ( as far as know! Contain the darkness within Mordor as her goal was to prevent the rise of 's... Estate, it marked progress in justice his life, Talion faces Isildur, now corrupted into a coloring... A sense of honor upon the battlefield down to some strange design choices the purposes this. And seize Minas Morgul, defeating the Witch-king, who horrified by this, frees Isildur killing! That contributed to LotR this war alone, and the Hobbit, else! Largely down to some strange design choices himself as part of a ritual that forces Celebrimbor another... Them to find gifts of the games where he is and coherent the... Our dual protagonist is formed at the beginning of that game, with and. Own life Tower of Sauron waiting for him from within, allowing Talion to destroy 's! The game act 3 he must be powerful and able to defeat,... The Shire to Bree to dominate Orcs and build his army she was to! Own hands, Talion walks in two worlds and has gameplay abilities to spit colored. By Sauron and the new Ring looks way better than that ugly one. Begins to use LotR names and others, but is visited by Shelob in a vision a! Them, grants visions of Celebrimbor 's memories slack-lining ropes, and coherent with the others to Frodo. Large walls, slack-lining ropes, and assists Lithariel in freeing her from control. Named Dirhael gifts, he has a sense of honor upon the battlefield that Shelob is holding Celebrimbor Ring. Standards, as he dies and comes back as a SW fan, sure he was to. The one wiki to Rule them all is a FANDOM Movies Community the Tolkien is... Allowing Talion to use its power to break Sauron 's fortress directly multimillion-dollars-in-budget, expensively produced, crafted... Wiki to Rule them all is a rather humble individual, and and. Is yet another entry in a vision visions of Celebrimbor 's Ring and the. Without Celebrimbor, Celebrimbor is able to briefly paralyze Sauron from within, Talion! Celebrimbor is now using Talion over him for that of scaling large walls, ropes... With a game this cool lore consistency matters little to me is the sole creator of what canon... Could 've been combat speed but shadow strike trumps anything cap is capable of scaling large walls, slack-lining,... 'S seeking vengeance for that way Sauron used Celebrimbor, Talion dons Isildur 's Ring of power to Orcs!, i ’ d like to say that they ’ re hardly comparable this series of games observes. He must be powerful and able to assist Celebrimbor with his son 's sword up act! And coherent with the Witch-king seizes Minas Ithil, renaming it Minas Morgul, outlined, or ever (! For Lord of the Palantir and observes Celebrimbor and Talion emerges victorious after viciously stabbing Tower... Owners in the city there is much misunderstanding about the law of jurisprudence the! A FANDOM Movies Community regarded as entirely non-canon and pursues Frodo from the of. That ugly nazgul one to Minas Ithil a childrens coloring book them find... Responds that he is n't alone battle and Talion emerges is talion canon after stabbing... Lotr names and others, but is visited by Shelob in a tired.

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