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THE cost of having the AL-KO Kober anti-snaking device fitted to a caravan is increasing from April. * ATC stores operating errors in a logfile which over time will become full and will result in the solid red light appearing. AL-KO ESC is a vital safety feature designed to give you the best possible response in an emergency avoidance manoeuver situation such as having to swerve suddenly to avoid a car or animal on the road ahead. : centrály, grily, předstany, koberce, stabilizátory a podobně. Caravan repairs - repair of a seized AL-KO tow hitch. Should I opt for the Alko ATC at £349? Diskuzní fórum, stellplatzy, fotogalerie, cestopisy i burza.,Např. Page: 1 2 : Message posted by GEORGEBB 21/8/2017 at 9:40pm Outfit: Outwell Alamosa 6ATC. Feb 14, 2019 #2 Personally, I am highly in favour of any device that adds to safety on the road. On others, the damper fails to work, which renders operation of the caravan brakes particularly severe and jerky. Portál karavanisty. How much power does ATC require? I had Alko ATC retrofitted to my Bailey Senator Arizona (2006) last summer by CMI, Alko's appointed agent. Once fitted its a failry unobtrusive adaption and you probably wont think much of it again. AL-KO Kober, the world leaders in caravan chassis manufacture, developed ATC Trailer Control to sensitively take control of dangerous and frightening driving scenarios that can occur when towing vehicles. The chassis is manufactured to take the extensive range of AL-KO premium accessories and security and safety products such as AL-KO ATC, AKS Stabilisers and AL-KO Secure Wheel Locks. Page 47 Red line not visible - possible to continue journey but contact AL-KO. When ATC is activated, it instantly draws 15 amps and must take priority over any other 12 volt equipment using the same pin – … ATC is what the system is called in Europe (Swift vans) and ESC (Jurgens) is what it's called in Australia. Many types of AL-KO tow hitches are used on caravans. ATC is connected to the caravan distribution box and the supply is provided by the constant live (pin 4) from the grey 12S plug. Silver Member. On reading about both on AL-KO sites, I'm thinking they are the same thing. I have recently re-paved and widened the sloping, drive at our home and reversed the ‘van on for the first time mid-March. Thingy. The AL-KO AKS Stabiliser System AL-KO ATC complements the use of the AL-KO AKS Stabiliser, providing both passive and active protection against the effects of instability. Forum Posts: 176. Some suffer from seizure of the hydraulic damper - which renders the caravan brakes inoperative. Currently, it costs £399.50 including VAT and fitting to have the ATC Trailer Control System retro-fitted to a caravan but this will rise to £400 plus VAT (equalling £470) from April 2. The NEW AL-KO ATC Trailer Control System gives an assurance to drivers and caravan is being monitored by AL-KO ATC, providing an unparalleled level of safety during the journey. Would really appreciate some advice. This needs to be erased and can be done easily by connecting the caravan to a … Regards Gazbut . May 24, 2014 2,435 71 11,735. Other complementary products such as jockey wheels, side lift jacks, corner steadies and shock absorbers improve the range and the consumers towing experience. Some vans offer AL-KO ESC & some offer AL-KO ATC. Unlike anything else it … I had no problems with the system until recently. Pegasus Plmo GT Location: Central Scotland Joined: 17/3/2016 View Profile Reply Quote GEORGEBB. It does more than just reduce sway. Každému přístroji založíme jedno téma(vlákno) a zkuÅ¡enosti s používáním budeme postupně připisovat. ATC monitors for the initial signs of instability and efficiently controls the outfit, making every journey you take safer and more pleasurable. Topic: AL-KO ATC are they worth getting?

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